Custom Fabrication Christchurch


We design and build or will work to your specifications, from basic to comprehensive, race oriented roll cages.

They can be constructed from mild steel or chromoly, mig or tig welded.
Our roll cages are built as tight as is physically possible to the inside of the vehicle to give maximum protection to the occupants.

We are recognized installers of cages by Motor sport NZ and we work closely with MSNZ to ensure your specific cage meets all of the requirements for your chosen form of motor sport. Our cages are presented to you ready to paint and we offer other related services such as dash removal and re-fitting, homologation and log book application processing.

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We can supply and fit air suspension systems to most makes of vehicles. We can build them as either a feature or integrate them more discreetly.
No sub standard workmanship here as your safety is our main concern. We service and repair existing air suspension systems.

Other services related to air suspension are:

  • Electrical wiring
  • 4 link installation
  • Chassis notching
  • Channeling or body drop

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Exhaust systems are a vital component in any performance, classic or show car. Weather turbo or non-turbo we build high quality performance exhausts, stainless steel or mild steel, the choice is yours.

We use only mandrel pipes to fabricate performance exhaust systems to ensure the best flow and maximize the performance potential. Pete has spent 10 years specializing in this industry so he can offer you a great deal of advice and expertise in designing your custom exhaust system.

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A common upgrade for modern turbo charged engines is a tubular turbo manifold and plenum modification or replacement. These performance upgrades allow for custom positioning of large turbos and high flow throttle bodies. They also allow you to customize the layout of your engine bay.Click on the thumbnails for larger images


We can meet all of your race car fabrication requirements and help you with continued development support.

Because we are fabrication specialists we can help you build your race car.

These services include the following:

  • Brake upgrades
  • Roll cages
  • Engine setup
  • Intercoolers
  • Radiators
  • Fuel systems
  • Chassis work
  • Electrical
  • Turbo upgrades
  • Bucket seat fitting
  • 4 links


From wide body treatment to new floor pans & roof chops, we form sheetmetal on our English Wheel to modify, repair & create new body work with excellent results.

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We can fit intercoolers to all makes & models of vehicle. Front mount, V mount or top mounted. A good intercooler system is an essential part of any high performance turbo charged engine. We fabricate all our piping from Alloy or stainless steel, mandrel bent tube.

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Another vital component for performance engines is an efficient intake system, designed to supply as much cold incoming air to the engine as possible. An induction system equates to a significant power gain and is well worth the investment.

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Surge tanks & external fuel systems can be a very elaborate affair in hard driver race cars. We can build you a custom fuel system or surge tank in alloy or stainless, to more than exceed your race or street use, or just for show.

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A wide range of parts and accessories are available for purchase.

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